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Sea Rose Funeral Urn For Ashes - Sea Rose Funeral Urns For Adults - Exquisite Urns

Sea Rose Funeral Urn For Ashes

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Sea Rose Funeral Urn For Ashes - Sea Rose Funeral Urns For Adults 

Tinted in the sea blue color, this finely handcrafted cremation Urn pays tribute to your loved one in a respectful manner. The Sea Rose Cremation Urn has a large rose engraved with silver on the sea blue colored brass Urn. This deep sea blue color along with the engraved rose symbolizes deep love and empathy towards your near and dear one who has recently passed away. Deep sea blue color indicates the depth of your feeling and helps keep your memories fresh for years to come. Made with premium solid brass, this cremation Urn has a sturdy body and an appealing visual appearance.

Give a regal tribute with a decent memorial Urn
Urns for human ashes are not only meant to preserve the cremated remains of your loved one, they are also used to give a tribute to them. The type of cremation Urn you choose depicts a lot about your feelings. The Sea Rose Cremation Urn has been specifically designed for those who want to give a hearty tribute to their loved one and also express deep love and empathy for them. You can either keep this cremation Urn on the shelf of your living area or keep it hidden from others. This adult Urn can accommodate either part or the entire cremated remains without any hassle. The best part of this cremation Urn is that it does not require much space on your shelf, so you can easily place it wherever you wish to.

The color of the Urn tells a lot about the cremation Urn
Each color has a different meaning and this is the reason why different cremation Urns has different colors on them. Like white color depicts peace, green depicts harmony, the sea blue color used in this cremation Urn depicts the depth of a feeling. The Sea Rose Cremation Urn will convey your hearty feeling, your love, gratitude, and respect to your loved one. This cremation Urn has a top opening with a threaded lid and a felt bottom. You will also get a beautiful velvet bag with each purchase of this cremation Urn.                  

Product Details


Standard Adult Urn


10” High


200 Cu inch


Blue and Silver


Solid Brass


Top opening with a threaded lid

Engraving Options


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