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Burial Urns – A Seamless Resting Place for the Departed Soul

People have been using burial urns for preserving the cremated remains of their loved ones since ages. All throughout the history of cremation, many families have been using varieties of funeral urns for burial according to their rituals, cultural and religious beliefs and sometimes, on the basis of the last wish of the deceased. Simply put, preserving the cremated remains of our deceased loved ones in cremation boxes for ashes enveloped with beautiful designs and messages has always been an important and close to heart thing for people. At Exquisite Urns, we present to you a huge collection of metal, marble cremation urns for adults and so on.

A practice with benefits

Cremation, as we all know, is a practice of final disposition where the body of the deceased is cremated under high temperature. After cremation the body is reduced to ashes, which are also known as cremated remains. Many people misconceive that when you perform cremation, you cannot perform a traditional burial ceremony. However, cremation actually allows you to do both – preserve the ashes in memorial urns and keepsakes as well as bury the same in burial urns for human ashes. As far as cremation urns for burial is concerned, again it depends on the families which one they will go for, whether biodegradable urns for water burial or solid wood burial urns for cremated remains for ground burial.

Popularity of cremation and much more

With the increasing popularity of cremation as a good choice for final disposition owing to a number of reasons, the industry of cremation urns for burial and other practice has also bloomed. The reasons behind the popularity of cremation over traditional burial include – the skyrocketing prices of the caskets, headstones, cemetery plots and other expenses related.  On contrary, when it comes to cremation, whether its burial vault for cremation urn, burial urns for two or small burial urns, these options are way affordable than the ones used in traditional ceremonies.

Urns for all purposes

Opting for cremation can be a difficult chore, especially when your loved one didn’t say anything about his or her last wish. However, on looking at the benefit it brings along and the things you can do with urns for ashes, like metal cremation urns, double burial urns and the plethora of other options. One of the best things about wood cremation urns and other options you have when it comes to urns, you get to do the same rituals, you would have performed at a traditional burial ceremony.

If you are worried about the cost of burial urns, relax! At Exquisite Urns, we understand the needs of every pocket size. Therefore, our collection is diverse. Right from high-end options like beautiful and charming mother of pearl cremation urns and tealight keepsake urns to simple, yet high-quality urns, we have everything according to your needs. We also know that when you are searching for any particular product line like urns for scattering ashes at sea, you must be choosing it according to your own needs. So, you’ll get to your search of scattering urns in our scattering urns biodegradable section. If you have planned to scatter a portion of the ashes and keep the remaining at your home, then small scattering tubes for ashes should be your first choice.

No matter, you need this or that, Exquisite Urns is always there with you through your tough times.

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