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Cat Cremation Urns

Honor the Special Bond Shared with Your Cat with Our Cat Cremation Urns

Just like dogs, even the cats are the most loyal family members and the good times spent together deserve to be cherished in a memorable way. Losing your loved cat can be disastrous but finding the perfect cat cremation urn for preserving their remains can ease your pain to some extent. A cat’s loyalty is known by all, so it’s your responsibility to preserve their cremated remains in beautiful and sturdy cat urns. The cat urns for ashes are elegant cremation vessels that safely hold your cat’s last remains for a lifetime. You can also get unique cat urns that are specific to your cat’s personality in our store.

Personalized cat urns show how much you loved your cat

Exquisite Urns offers the largest collection of cat cremation urns and the best part is you can customize most of them according to your specific needs. Many people prefer personalized cat urns over the ordinary cat urns, as they feel by customizing the vessel they are taking the cremation process to a more personal level. Starting from black cat urns for ashes to white cat urns for ashes, you can find a myriad of different styled cat shaped urns for ashes that will help you pay an honorable and memorable tribute for your loved cat. You can either get a personal message engraved on the urn or a special picture of your cat also be engraved on it to express your love and affection.

The demand for stylish cat cremation urns is constantly on a rise

Though you can still find families who prefer simple yet elegant cat shaped cremation urns to preserve the cremated remains of their cat over the plush ones, the number of families buying stylish cat cremation urns is increasing at an exponential rate. The cat figurine urns are the new norm now and you can easily find people storing a little portion of the cremated remains in them. Even the dog and cat urns can be considered because of their unique design and timeless beauty. Whether you want to cremate the remains of your pet dog or a pet cat, you will get the best pet cremation urns for every purpose in our store.

Eco-friendly cat urns are a boon to nature

If you want to bury the remains of your cat, then biodegradable cat urns for ashes should be preferred. Eco-friendly urns for pet cat ashes are made using natural materials that naturally break down over a period of time, allowing the cremated remains to naturally integrate into nature in its purest form. Our pet scattering urns make it easy for families to scatter the remains in burial grounds or sea without disrupting nature. Apart from offering quality eco-friendly large and small cat urns for sale we also offer dog cremation urns and cremation vessels for others pets as well.

Why Exquisite Urns?

When it comes to finding the best custom cat memorial urns no one wants to restrict their choices to just a few options. Exquisite Urns is a trusted name that offers only the best quality cat urns along with other cremation jewelry for pets ashes at an affordable price range. Starting from cat burial urns to the scattering ones, you can always rest assured of each of our offered product. Moreover, apart from offering quality products at reasonable prices, we also offer a free delivery with every placed order.

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