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Biodegradable Urns for Those Who Never Die

Owing to a number of reasons advocating the need for more eco-friendly options, the industry of cremation products has been witnessing a rise in the demand of biodegradable urns in the market, since last a few years. Biodegradable cremation urns are also good choices for people who love nature and every bit of it. Whether it is the last wish of the deceased to be kept in a biodegradable urn for human ashes or you want to pay tribute to him or her, biodegradable funeral urns are great choices.

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If you are looking for a high-quality biodegradable urn for scattering the ashes of your loved one or performing sea burial, then Sea Burial Urns made up of biodegradable materials should you on your list. If you don’t have any idea about from where you can buy these thoughtful memorial urns for ashes, you have found the right destination with Exquisite Urns. We are a leading manufacturer and seller of unique cremation urns. At our online shop, you will find a world of options, when it comes to finding one of the best biodegradable burial urns / scattering urns at affordable prices.

Do you want to explore the other reasons why people these days are getting more and more inclined to biodegradable funeral urns for ashes? Read on –

  • Biodegradable scattering tubes or urns saves land space. As these vaults for cremation ashes are made up of nature-friendly raw materials like cornstarch, sand, paper, salt etc, these biodegrade easily, thus saving land space. Moreover, when buried in the ground, they give back nutrients, minerals and other useful elements to the soil make it fertile and healthy. Another unique addition to the collection of burial urns for human ashes is biodegradable cremation urns tree. These allow you plant a tree in the memory of the deceased loved one.

  • Biodegradable cremation boxes for burial, as told earlier, decompose rapidly. Although the time taken to get decomposed depends on a number of conditions, once decomposed, the biodegradable wood cremation urns and other variants leave no residue. It gives a consoling feeling to the surviving family members of the deceased and helps in healing fast.

  • When you buy urn for ashes made from biodegradable materials, you can use them in both ways – scattering as well as burying. Biodegradable floating urns are on the list of favorites for many families who prefer water scattering/burial. Biodegradable scattering urns for ashes, on the other hand is a good option for those who prefer scattering over burying. If you are looking for biodegradable sea urns or scattering urns biodegradable version, look no further than Exquisite Urns.

Other amazing options for you

Apart from biodegradable options of cremation urns, we also deal in a number of other cremation products and accessories. If you prefer metal for its beauty and sturdiness, take a look at our collection brass cremation urns. If you are looking for something very elegant and alluring, a mother of pearl urn would do justice to you need. You can consider tealight keepsake urns, as well, especially if you want to store a little amount of the ashes in a unique way. The other products we showcase include - marble cremation urns for adults, urns for pets, kids and infants, veterans and military personnel, cremation jewelry and so on.

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