Flower Urns for Ashes


Sunflower Engraved Urn for Ashes

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Delta Atlas Cremation Urn

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Elegant White Cremation Urn

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Eternal Rose Alloy Cremation Urn

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Pay a Floral Tribute with Unique Flower Urns

 Flowers are known to best express feelings and this is the reason why flower urns are increasing high in demand over the past few years. Just like rose symbolizes love and the sunflower symbolizes adoration, different flowers carry a different feeling with them. You can buy large flower urns that have the desired flower symbol engraved on it to better express your feeling. The cremation urns with flowers carry a fresh and appealing look that always catches the attention of many people at once. If you want to pay a special tribute to your loved one then buy custom urns having a beautiful floral design on it.

Discover the largest range of flower urns under one roof

If you are keen on finding the best flower urns within your budget, then Exquisite Urns has to be your final destination. Starting from ceramic tall flower urns to glass flower urns for ashes, you can find every possible flower religious urns at different price ranges. If the departed soul was an art lover, then you can also get flower hand painted urns for preserving his remains. Apart from having the finest collection of cremation urns with flowers, our store also stocks the best sculpture urns that are sure to appease you.      

Get sturdy flower urns to safely store the remains for a lifetime

The perfect flower urns can be considered to be the one that are not only appealing to eyes but are also sturdy. You can use large flower urns to preserve the remains of an adult, whereas keepsake flower urns for ashes can be used for preserving a little portion of the cremated remains safely for ages. If you want something different from the flower designs, then you should buy the urns whose designs closely resonate with the departed soul’s liking. Like military urns should be considered for preserving the remains of a true patriot or someone belonging to the defense department.

Choose the perfect aesthetic flower urns

While choosing flower urns for your loved one, remember that you are choosing their final resting place and not just a vessel. The color, design, and material of the tall flower urns should be according to the liking of the departed soul. If your loved one was a spiritual person, then you can also consider angel urns for honoring the memories of the departed soul. Even the heart urn jewelry can be considered if you always want to keep a small portion of their remains close to your heart.

Why Exquisite Urns?

You can find many cremation vessel and jewelry providers but either their offered rate is too high or the urn quality is not decent. Exquisite Urns is a reliable and well-known name in the cremation industry that is known for offering the best flower urns and various other cremation urns and jewelry at affordable rates. This store guarantees the authenticity of each of its offered product, so you can rest assured of the quality. You can also explore a large range of different urns category including the sports urn and the flower urns under one roof and the awestruck designs of each product is sure to please you. A free delivery is also guaranteed with every placed order.

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