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A Mother of Pearl Urn to Say You Love from the Bottom of your heart

Mother of Pearl, the name itself is quite attractive and elegant. Popularly known as nacre, it is formed by a phylum of invertebrates called mollusk. These creatures form it as a constituent of their shell (inner). In fact, it is the same material that forms the shiny veneer of pearls. As it looks very elegant and sophisticated apart from being strong, a mother of pearl urn is one of the most preferred options for a number of families. At Exquisite Urns, we feature handcrafted and curated assortments of cremation vaults and boxes.

Usually, the mother of pearl element is added to a base material as a decorative layer to craft beautiful urns for ashes. Nacre has been treasured by people since time immemorial for its beauty and elegance. Apart from memorial urns, mother of pearl is used in making jewelry, accessories tucked on clothing and some musical instruments, as well.

Unique creation from the house of the Mother Nature

One of the unique things about the funeral urns made up of Mother of Pearl is, as the latter is a naturally occurring material, cremation boxes made out of these are different from one another. The shades typically range from cream, silver, white, beige, pink, and green. Moreover, this material is bestowed with an iridescent quality. Due to this, the patterns and colors seen on the body of a mother of pearl urn differ when seen from different angles.

If you are looking for brass urns for ashes with a dash of the mother of pearl as decorations, Exquisite Urns is the best place to shop from. Mother of pearl cremation urns when amalgamated on metal or wooden urns, the beauty of those burial urns or keepsake urns cannot be expressed in words. On the basis of the type of cremation urns for burial or for keepsake you choose to buy, at Exquisite Urns we provide you with personalization options in the form of hanging metal tags and direct engraving on the body of a metal urn.

One size is not for all needs

At our shop, mother of pearl urns are available in different sizes, like a keepsake, kids, and standard. So, you can choose scattering urns or keepsake on the basis of what you need. As far as sizing of marble urns or biodegradable urns for water burial or a standard cremation urn is concerned, it generally depends on a rule, which says – 1 lbs of human body weight gets reduced to 1 cubic inch after cremation. Therefore, while purchasing a mother of pearl urn for your deceased loved one, make sure to calculate the same. The reduction formula is also applicable on scatter tubes, biodegradable urns and all the other variants of urns available in the market.

When it comes to a tealight urn or a keepsake urn, as their sizes are comparatively smaller than that of a standard size urn, these hold a little amount of ashes. Therefore, it is very important to consider sizing when making a purchase. Otherwise, you might get into hassles. A keepsake urn is ideal for those big families where every family member wants a portion of ashes. You can distribute cremains among yourself easily when you have the desired number of keepsakes. For more thoughtful commemoration, you can also wear cremation jewelry. Exquisite Urns is the best destination for all your cremation products needs.

Let the commemoration of a loved one be meaningful with Exquisite Urns!

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