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Classic Gold Companion Urn

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Infant Angel Sculpture Cremation Urn

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Delta Aqua Alloy Cremation Urn

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Classic Maus Granite Cremation Urn

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Tyrian Red Cremation Urn for Ashes

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Capella Brown Cremation Urn

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Granite Purple Brass Cremation Urn

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Cremation Urns for Human Ashes for Preserving Live Stories

Life is a mixed bag of moments and memories, some good, some bad and some devastating. If you have lost a dear one recently, your broken heart understands the intensity of pain like no one else. However, the thing with life is – it goes on. Exquisite Urns brings to you a huge assortment of cremation urns for human ashes to let you steal some precious moments from the sack of time and preserve the cremated remains of your deceased loved one forever.

Cremation urns for human ashes for every family’s needs

We specialize in different types of urns to meet the needs of every family. Our main objective is to make premium memorial urns available to all at pocket-friendly prices. Therefore, we design, handcraft and showcase a wide range of high-quality, durable and creative urns for ashes and custom cremation urns. At Exquisite Urns, we know that cremation urns for human ashes are meant to preserve memories and not only the ashes. And, that, cremation boxes capture an entire story, the story of a person who you have loved a lot. Therefore, we take special care and curate each and every product with compassion and lover.

Cremation urns for human ashes and pets too

Not only cremation vaults or urns for human beings, we also have a huge collection of personalized cremation urns for your furry friends, as well. A pet is no less than a family. So, we have a separate collection of funeral urns for pets, as well. If you want to bury the ashes of your beloved dog or cat, you can choose from our collection of cremation urns for burial. Burial urns available with us are nature-friendly. So, they won’t pose any harm to the nature. As far as eco-friendly options are concerned, you can choose from our biodegradable urns assortment. Then, we have scattering tubes for ashes, also. These are also eco-friendly and can be easily decomposed.

Cremation urns for human ashes in different materials

At, Exquisite Urns, you will find cremation urns for human ashes as well as pets in different materials. If you prefer metal urns, you can go for a brass urn. If you or your deceased loved one loved wooden stuff, then you can go for wooden urns. A mother of pearl urn can also be a good choice, if you are looking for something sophisticated and enduring. If you want to engrave the name or a message of the departed soul you can go for custom cremation urns.

Apart from brass urns, you can also choose from our huge collection of sturdy and beautiful marble urns. We also showcase tealight urn. Many families find it to be a good option that it has a candle holder on the top where a candle can be lit as a mark of remembrance. And, families of nature lovers also like biodegradable urns for water burial. So, you can consider this option too.


Sizing of cremation urns for human ashes matters

Whether you are looking for cremation urns for burial or scattering urns, sizing matters a lot. There are medium and extra large cremation urns that you can purchase according to your needs. As a rule, 1 lbs of body weight is equal to 1 cubic inches of ashes. So depending on the size of personalized cremation urns, you are looking for; you can choose a medium and extra large cremation urns or order custom cremation urns.

Quality cremation urns for human ashes without compromise

Exquisite Urns also showcase cremation urns for sale from time to time. You can find discount cremation urns online at our website. One of the most important things to inform you - cremation urns for sale does not mean low-quality or rejected products. We value our customers a lot. So, whether you are looking forward to purchase discount cremation urns online or from the fresh stock, you will not have to compromise on quality and authenticity of the products. We sell affordable unique cremation urns just to make sure that you get quality products without spending a fortune.

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