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Solid Rosewood Wooden Urn for Ashes

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Wooden Urns – Where Nature Meets Artistic Touch

Soothing to the eyes and tender to the soul, wooden urns convey a sense of composure and comfort to the grieving family members of the deceased. Derived from the magical tote of the Mother Nature and shaped into beautiful urns for human ashes, these hand carved wood urns possess the power to present you with an understated elegance in the form of memorial urns and keepsakes. Purchased to honor a departed soul, urns made of wood are simple, yet intricately beautiful. At Exquisite Urns, we know the mental state of a person or a family that has lost an irreplaceable person from their life. Therefore, we have brought to you a great assortment of cremation urns for sale.

Breaking the misconceptionGenerally, when people read or hear funeral urns for sale, a common reaction that prevails is – discounted items are not good and low-quality. However, that’s nothing more than a misconception, especially when you are shopping with a reliable and customer-centric manufacturer and dealer like us. We don’t just sell cremation products like brass cremation urns for ashes or handmade wood cremation urns, our artisans pour their heart out into crafting each and every product we showcase. Therefore, whether you purchase our custom wood urns for human remains or any other product with or without sale, you will never have to compromise on quality.

We shape every piece with utmost care

The journey of wood cremation urns from nature’s lap to your home in the form solid wood cremation urns with our skilled artisans is very careful. We procure wood from the renewable forests to shape every piece of wood into beautiful biodegradable cremation urns. We have a huge collection of wood cremation urns that range from cherry wood cremation urns to a number of other options you would love to buy for your deceased family member. Still, there are many families who prefer traditional funeral over cremation. For them, we also have burial urns for human ashes. If you prefer, eco-friendly products we have biodegradable urns for sea burial also, besides, burial vault for cremation urn.

Different rituals, different cremation needs

If scattering is the ritual you want to follow, then Exquisite Urns brings to you biodegradable scattering tubes. These urns for scattering ashes at sea are made up of biodegradable materials. So, they dissolve in water quickly without living any residue. Apart from the above mentioned choices, if you want to explore more, we have a number of other options also like mother of pearl cremation urns and marble urns for human ashes.

What if your family is huge and every family member is asking for his or her share of cremated remains of the deceased. In this situation, tealight keepsake urns come to your rescue. Keepsake metal or wooden urns are smaller versions of standard-sized cremation urns. These can store a very lesser amount of ashes allowing you to distribute the cremated remains equally among all family members.

Assistance of an impeccable team of professionals

At Exquisite Urns, we also have a competent team of customer care professionals who are especially trained to cater to the needs of our customers. So, when in doubt, you can get in touch with them for assistance. We try our level best to provide you with the best possible products and services because we care.

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