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American Flag Military Urn

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Spread Positivity with a White Urn

The white urn is a beautiful cremation vessel that is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans. You should choose to preserve the cremated remains of your loved one in an elegant mother of pearl urn for ashes, as this urn is believed to have a lot of positive connotations with it. Whether you choose a white ceramic urn or white marble urns for ashes, both will carry the same positivity and the only difference will be of the design, material, and size. If you wish to choose color specific urns, then you can check our curated range of silver urn along with emerald green urn and various others under one roof.

Choose from the various different shaped white urns

You will be amused to see the large range of options available in relation to the white cremation urn. Whether you want a heart-shaped white urn or a cylinder shaped white urn, you will get everything in our store. If you want something unique, then camouflage cremation urn can be considered. It is usually used for preserving the remains of outdoor enthusiasts. You can also get a mix of the black and white urn that is available in different shapes and sizes. The cream urn also looks similar to the mother of pearl urn for ashes, so you can compare and analyze well before purchasing one for your loved one. Exquisite Urns stocks the largest collection of different cremation urns and jewelry so that you can easily find your desired urn.  

The white urns are affordable

The glossy finish and the timeless beauty of the large white urn may make you feel that it is going to be out of your budget. This is not necessarily the case everywhere. The price will depend on the type of urn you purchase i.e. whether you are purchasing a white cat urn or a white flower urn for human ashes. Moreover, the size and design also play a crucial role in price determination. The white decorative urn may be priced on the higher side, but the simple yet elegant pearl urn may fit in your budget. You can also consider different options including the purple urns for human ashes, the tan cremation urn, and the grey cremation urns among the various options.

Ease your pain with a white urn

Just like the gold urns for ashes depict purity, the white urn depicts positivity. This urn is known to calm people during their grief phase and also spread rays of hope among the family members. You can get a customized black and white cat urn if your pet cat has passed away recently. If you don’t want to go ahead with the white color and want an urn that will go with your home décor, then you can choose from our large range that includes the red urn, the black marble urn, and various others as well.

Why Exquisite Urns?

If you don’t want to limit your options and explore the largest cremation urn and jewelry range, then Exquisite Urns has to be your ultimate destination. Starting from the finest bronze cat urn to the pink dog urn, the blue color jewelry to the large copper urn you will get everything under one roof. One of the primary reasons to choose us over others is that you can get different options for different price ranges. You will also be entitled to a free delivery with every placed order.

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