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Copper Urns For Ashes

Use Customized Copper Cremation Urns to Pay a Regal Tribute to Your Loved One

Choosing a cremation vessel is a completely personal choice and everyone has different requirements. The copper cremation urns are unique and they have an ancient touch to it. Almost all the copper urn has a different design and they go perfectly with your house décor. If the departed soul was an outdoor enthusiast then our camouflage urns are perfect for you. The best way to pay a regal and a memorable tribute is by preserving the cremated remains in an urn that closely resonates with your loved one’s liking. An antique copper urn is sturdy and has an appealing design that manages to catch people’s attention at the very first glimpse only. Our special range of urns is sure to impress you and fulfill your requirements.

Appropriate sized copper urn should be preferred

You have to be considerate of the urn size while purchasing one for your loved one. A large copper urn should be purchased if you want to preserve the entire cremated remains of an adult whereas a small copper urn should be purchased for preserving a little portion of the remains. If you are not sure of the urn size and you don’t have space limitations, then it is better to choose a large sized copper colored urn, as it ensures that none of the cremated remains spills out of the vessel. If you want a vessel other than the copper one, then our purple urns for ashes and bronze urn deserve your time and attention.

Copper urn jewelry is perfect for storing the cremated remains

If you want to store only a little portion of the remains in a respectful and safe manner, then you will love our unique copper urn jewelry. Crafted with modern and ancient artistry techniques, all our cream urns and green urns are delicately handcrafted to perfection. The best part of our copper cremation urn jewelry is that it looks exactly like an original jewelry and no one can make out that you are storing a little portion of cremated remains in them. At Exquisite Urns, you can also get grey urn jewelry, heart-shaped white urn jewelry, religious pink urn jewelry, and many others as well at affordable rates.

Never let the memories fade away with our copper cremation urns

The copper urn for ashes is being used since ancient civilizations to memorialize the departed soul. If you want to revive the memories and cherish them throughout, then you should definitely preserve the remains in our beige urn and copper vessels as well. If the departed soul loved ornaments made of silver and gold then use our gold urn necklace and sterling silver urn necklace to store the remains close to your heart. Every time you look at our cremation vessels and jewelry, you will eventually be taken back to the memory lane in no time.

Why Exquisite Urns?

You should definitely visit Exquisite Urns store once if you want quality cremation urns and jewelry at reasonable prices. We also offer a large range of options so that we fulfill the requirements of different customers under one roof. Starting from beautiful red urns to royal blue urns, ancient copper ones to the unique black urn, you will get everything in our store. You will also get a free delivery with every placed order and the authentication of each offered product will be guaranteed.

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